No ‘dislike’ button.

I’ve never really thought of myself as a nice person. Civil, usually, and hopefully measured. Fair, and good, to a clueless, sort of idealistic extent. But not necessarily nice. I married nice. Rob embodies nice. He is nice enough for both of us. 

Lately, though, I am realizing that it takes work to be nice. Maybe the reality is I’m lazy. Being civil is easy, you just smile and nod, keep walking, pet the dog. But nice? Nice is remembering names and benchmarks. Nice is knowing other people. Nice is understanding what true fairness is and not putting anyone, especially yourself, first. Nice is letting someone else win, or at least lose more spectacularly than you do.  Nice is throwing yourself under the 1992 Honda Civic instead of the bus. Nice is being maimed, not martyred.

Today there was an article that some people really, really think Facebook needs a ‘dislike’ button. Why? Because they think Facebook is too nice. It’s tragic to believe a place, even if it is only an ethereal place, can contain too much civility, too much humanity. Can be too nice.  They want an option to dislike things that other people just want to share with their friends. They want an option to hate. To judge. To empower themselves by mocking others. To me, the lack of a ‘dislike’ button is one of the only things holding us together. Be nice, it’s worth the effort.